HYUN KIM, Music Director
 Hyun Kim, music director and CEO of Silicon Valley Philharmonic, was born in Seoul, Korea. He received B.M. in composition at ChongShin University where he started his conducting career. He studied orchestral conducting with Dr. Jaedong Jung and Professor Nosang Geum at ChungAng University in Korea. He performed many concerts as a music director and conductor with various music organizations including Ilsan Youth Symphony Orchestra and Kwachon Youth Symphony. In 1993, he was chosen to conduct the Festival Ensemble in Seoul Contemporary Music Festival by Seoul Music Association. In the United States, he studied composition and conducting at Sonoma State University with Dr. Brian S. Wilson. He founded Silicon Valley Youth Symphony in 2008 and San Francisco Korean Symphony & Chorus in 2009 and has been proudly leading them, also as a local musician, he has conducted several classical music groups in the bay area.

Artistic Members
Concert Master ***, Principal **, Regular Member *, Guest Musician +


**Yuna Kim

* Jacqueline Speiser

*Jennifer Ridout

+Al Yuen


**Yu-Ting Wang

+Glenda Bates

+Marcus Phillips


**Tina Tsai

**HyoJung Lim

*Dayv Doberne


**Eva Cheng

*Erin Tiedens

+Juliet Hamak

+Jamael Smith


+Margarite Waddell

+Wayne van Lieu

+KyungRan Park

+Scott Chowning

+Craig Hansen


+YoungMin Kim

+Matthew DePasquale

+Camellia Boutros

+Rober Giambruno

+Tyler Graves


+Ken Yee

+Greg Gomez

+Lucas Jensen


*Neal  Goggans

+Fred Morgan


*Ajung Won

Violin 1

JungSun Lim***

Sewon Oh*

JiYoung Kang*

Karen Allendoerfer*

Shery Ross*

Tomomi Matsumoto*

Aziza Musaeva*

KyungJin Lee*

SungJoo Kang*

Violin 2

Ying Zhao**

Elaine Cao*

YulHee Jang*

Baek SooJung*

Aslan Isabaev*

Alexander Makarenko*

Poliang Lin*

Jennifer Ho*

Lynn Kim*

ChungGuem Kang+

Eri Ishigaki+


SooJung Seok**

YunSun Kim*

Galina Andre*

Deborah Lew*

Yen-Yin Lee*

Christina Wong*

V. Cello

Carrie Tseng**

Kathy An*

HyunJu Oh*

Bei Chen*

Zhou Yi*

WonJoo Im*

Jerry Liu+

Catarina Ferreira+

EunTaek Ahn+

D. Bass

David Andre*

Eugene Theriault+

James Schulz+

Zachary Taylor+


Ajung Won, Stage Manager

Yunjung Jung, Babysitting

Jiyoung Park, Box Office

Hyunjung Cho, Box Office

Lynn Kim, Usher

Michelle Lee, Usher

Esme Chang, Usher

Hyungwoo Kim, Video Recording